What's this all about?

Thanks for taking the time to do this survey.

The aim of the survey is to identify the challenges facing Australian freelancers. It includes exploring business challenges as well  as specific issues we may come across as an individual in self-employment. 

We plan to use the data to: 
1) Highlight the challenges facing Australian freelancers- and potentially push a few political buttons if warranted 
2) Quantify and qualify the Australian freelance landscape so we can understand our industry better 
3) Improve what's on offer for freelancers by the Freelance Jungle and beyond 
4) Gain interest from groups, partners, friends and sponsors for extra activities by knowing our audience. E.g. festivals or special events, that kind of jazz 
5) Bust myths about our industry and advocate for better understanding using smarter data 

The Freelance Jungle began in 2010 with a similar survey as the one you are about to complete. The difference with the third edition you are about to complete is it also includes gaining impressions of your time in the Freelance Jungle itself as well as a stronger focus on challenges outside the usual scope - e.g. regional, mental health, cultural challenges and so on. 

We aim to complete the survey and publish results by August 2019. This will be done through the Freelance Jungle website. We'll also be sharing it with you if you supply your email address directly. 

We may also contact individuals to obtain further in-depth information with interviews. You can indicate you don't want that to happen in the survey. Please omit your email address at the end if you wish to stay anonymous.  


Got a specific question? Email bek@freelancejungle.com.au