This short Pulse survey gathers evidence about the pressures to self-censor that artists and arts professionals experience in their working lives, and any ways in which they feel their freedom of expression is curtailed.

These pressures can come from within the sector as well as elsewhere: fear of 'biting the hand that feeds' has long been recognised as barrier to free speech in the funded arts sector. But the problem is wider than this. Recently we've reported on a campaign to shut down an anti-Brexit exhibition; young people from BAME backgrounds “censoring themselves to get ahead in their careers”; concerns about China’s reaction to a play about Tibet; and conflict over transgender activism. Are these isolated examples? Or are they the tip of an iceberg?

If you have opinions about freedom of expression in the sector, or experiences that can help shed more light on this issue, we want to hear from you.

You can simply tick some boxes to indicate your responses to the main questions. But more useful still will be the comments, observations and experiences you share. 

As with all our Pulse surveys this survey is completely confidential and asks only for entirely anonymous answers. We will be reporting the data in aggregate form only, but please note, any comments you make will be published and we may also quote these in the final report.

So it's really important you don't leave any comments that will identify you or anyone else. And if you make any comments that could be considered defamatory (please resist!) then these will be redacted before publication.

If you would like to discuss the issues further - or would like to contribute an article on this subject for publication in ArtsProfessional - we would love to hear from you. Email to start the conversation. 
Thank you very much for taking part.