American Whitewater needs your help to define streamflows that support the full range of recreational boating opportunities on the Roaring Fork River, from above Aspen all the way to Glenwood Springs.

Information collected by this study will be used to assess river-based recreation on the Roaring Fork. We have developed this survey so individuals and outfitters can report how changes in stream flows affect recreation quality on each of our targeted river segments. Your input will help American Whitewater identify the full range of flows necessary to support recreation experiences, from technical low water to challenging high water opportunities. The information you provide will identify existing use and how it can be protected as well as enhance economies that rely on environmental and recreational water uses.

The river segments targeted by this study include:

1) Roaring Fork - Weller Lake to Difficult Campground

2) Roaring Fork - Difficult Campground to Stillwater Lane (North Star)

3) Roaring Fork - Stillwater Lane to Cemetery Lane (Downtown Aspen)

4) Roaring Fork - Cemetery Lane to Jaffee Park (Slaughterhouse)

5) Roaring Fork - Jaffee Park to Lower Woody Creek Bridge

6) Roaring Fork - Lower Woody Creek Bridge to Basalt Whitewater Park (Toothache)

7) Roaring Fork - Basalt Whitewater Park

8) Roaring Fork - Basalt to Carbondale

9) Roaring Fork - Carbondale to Black Bridge (Pink to Black)

10) Roaring Fork - Black Bridge to Veltus Park (Cemetery)

You will only be asked to respond to survey questions for the segments you have personally experienced.

Please encourage your fellow paddlers to participate in this study

4% of survey complete.