Denver Department of Environmental Health Food Program Post-Inspection Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect your feedback about the food facility inspection process in Denver and is intended to be taken after a Department of Environmental Health Food Program representative has conducted a regulatory visit at your facility. Your feedback will be anonymous unless you leave your contact information in the comments. If you have a problem or concern about an inspection, we encourage you to contact us at so that we can address it for you.

* 1. Did our representative introduce him or herself and show identification?

* 2. Did our representative state the purpose of the visit?

* 3. Did our representative clearly explain the results/findings of the visit including any violations that were observed?

* 4. Did our representative apply the regulations fairly to your operation?

* 5. Did our representative provide an understandable report and show you how to read the report?

* 6. Was our representative helpful to you in providing suggestions, food safety educational information, and correcting violations?

* 7. Was our representative professional in their appearance?

* 8. Was our representative courteous and respectful to you and your staff?

* 9. Did our representative tell you about this survey during the visit?

* 10. Who was the Environmental Health representative that visited your facility?

* 11. Do you have any comments you would like to offer to assist us in improving our program or supporting your business? If you have further feedback or questions, please contact us at