We would like you to fill out the following survey for a research project being conducted by Impact Justice.

The purpose of the survey is to understand the impact of food in prisons on incarcerated people, their families, and their communities, as well as to learn about ways to improve that experience for those impacted.

If you choose to participate, you are free to change your mind at any time and exit the survey. Most questions are not required, so you are free to skip any of these questions. The questions that are required are for the sake of moving the respondent through the survey appropriately. We have also included a "prefer not to answer" for these questions. There are no negative impacts to exiting the survey, skipping answers, or not participating in the project. The survey questions vary depending on your experience. If you have been incarcerated, we expect the survey to take between 20-30 minutes. If you have not, we expect it to take 5-10 minutes.

All of the information remains anonymous. 

If you have questions about this research, please contact Impact Justice at foodinprison@impactjustice.org or (510) 899-5010.