Community Feedback Questionnaire

The long awaited First Street Improvements Project will be underway in early 2019. The project will include streetscape improvements on First Street between Oak and Harrison Streets, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, crosswalks, improved 2nd Street parking lot, and alleyway beautification. Project engineering and design is currently underway and will wrap up in late 2018.

In an effort to engage the Woodburn community in the project, the City will host public meetings to share detailed information and receive input on the following items:
    -  Imprinted design concept for Garfield and First Street intersection
    -  Concrete stain color for street intersections (color samples provided)
    -  First Street design changes to preserve Library Park street trees
    -  Street tree selection (select 3 trees)

Question Title

* intersection
Share your feedback on the First and Garfield intersection design concept.

Question Title

* Select preferred stain color for First Street crosswalks.

Question Title

* Library Trees
In order to retain the health of the Sycamore Maple trees along First Street adjacent to Library Park, we will need to design around them, which may eliminate parking.
Please provide your feedback on option.

Question Title

* Please select your top THREE preferred tree options for the First Street design.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on the First Street Improvements Project.

Should you have additional questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 503-980-6319 or via email at

City of Woodburn
270 Montgomery Street  |  Woodburn, OR  97071