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This award will honour and recognise an exceptional volunteer who has worked at FMN national events for the past 3 years.

A volunteer who has demonstrated significant contribution or commitment in volunteering/helping; at a FMN National Event, a FIM AFRICA “Supported” event or a FIM AFRICA event. 

In presenting this award, FIM Africa hopes to raise the recognition profile of volunteers; including those on race day, at the venue and before the event who have contributed their time be it;  Track preparation, Administration etc.

The eligibility of this award is open to any volunteer within the FIM Africa and National Federation community who:
  • Has not received monetary reimbursement for their time and effort
  • Has helped the FMN meet the FIM Africa expectations for the event
  • Does not sit on a FIM Africa Commission during the current year
  • May perform race day roles including, but in no way limited to Timekeeper, Secretary, Marshal, Official, Medical, Environmental etc.
Criteria: These finalists and ultimate winner must have demonstrated qualities in line with FIM Africa values, and may include but is not limited to the following:
  • Fulfilling their role with enthusiasm, professionalism and fairness
  • Striving to act above and beyond their expected voluntary position or role
  • Showing initiative for programs to encourage participation and sense of community
  • Championing a cause to raise awareness or funds of a particular event i.e. Rhinos
The judging panel for the award will be the Council of FIM Africa