The female condom: How acceptable is it to Australian women?

You are invited to participate in a study conducted by Family Planning NSW to help us better understand the acceptability of the female condom for Australian women.

The purpose of this survey is to determine whether you are eligible to participate, as well as to gain some insight regarding women’s knowledge and perceptions of the female condom.  As this is a small exploratory study to start gathering evidence regarding the acceptability of this method in the Australian context, we have specified the eligibility criteria as 'females who are heterosexually active'. We recognise this is very targeted and may exclude particular people, including men, trans and gender diverse people, and others in the LGBTIQ+ community.  Additional studies may be considered in the future to be more inclusive and encourage representation from a wider range of perspectives on this topic. 

If you are eligible on completion of this survey, you can register to participate in the study to receive female condoms to use and provide your feedback.  We will ask that you provide your postal address and email address / mobile number, so we can post you the female condoms, and email or text the survey link to you.  Don’t worry, we will use discrete plain packaging to post, however, if you would prefer, you can pick up the condoms from your local Family Planning NSW instead.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Data from this survey will be used for the study. Participation is voluntary, and your responses will not be linked across surveys, or to your contact details. This means that your responses are anonymous. More information on the study can be found here: Participant information sheet (opens in a new window).
If you are happy to proceed to the survey, please click the NEXT button below.