Potential Columbus County Internet Expansion

ATMC is exploring the possibility of expanding its internet service to other areas of Columbus County. Please take this survey to help us gauge your interest and determine your Internet needs.

By taking this survey and providing your contact information, you are under no obligation to buy, but you do authorize ATMC to contact you if our services become available to you.

* 1. Please select any internet providers that are available for your home or business.

* 2. Who is your current internet service provider?

* 3. How well does your current internet service work?

* 4. What is the fastest internet speed offered by your current internet service provider?

* 5. How fast is your current internet connection?  (For help determining your internet speed, please refer to the speed test on www.fastercolumbus.com)

* 6. With your current internet connection, are you able to do the following: (please check all that apply)