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In this study, we are interested in gathering information about agricultural sector employee shortages, mitigation strategies, including use of the H-2A visa program and technology, and operating costs.

Risks and Benefits: Your participation will assist in the advancement of knowledge of the current state of agricultural production and agricultural labor markets.  There are no anticipated risks to participating in this study.

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in the research is completely voluntary.

Confidentiality: Your responses to the survey will be recorded anonymously. No identifying personal information will be collected on the survey. Only basic demographic information (i.e. age, gender, education, etc.) will be collected.

Right to Withdraw: You are free to refuse to participate in the research and to stop filling out the survey at any time. If you have questions or concerns about this study, you may contact or For questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant, please contact the UC Davis IRB office at or +1 (916) 703-9158 or the MSU IRB office at or +1 (517) 355-2180.

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* 1. Do you consent to participate in this survey? (If you select "No", the survey will automatically end.)