Perigee Fund is a philanthropic entity committed to the wellbeing of expectant families and those with very young children (0-5 years old). Early experiences matter, and a child’s earliest relationships – starting prenatally – are the foundation for healthy development. Reducing parental stress, isolation, and trauma is one way to support attuned, positive, and safe early parent-child relationships.

From the Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development- Early Childhood (RAPID-EC) project, we know that caregivers with young children reported higher levels of emotional distress, particularly among families of color disproportionality impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And for pregnant people and caregivers experiencing high levels of emotional distress, this affects their own wellbeing and can have an adverse impact on children’s early development.

To support families, Perigee Fund seeks to resource organizations across Washington State working to mitigate the increased level of stress, trauma, and isolation for families impacted by the compounding economic and health crises of COVID-19 and systemic racism. Parenting and caregiving are deeply rooted in culture, are fundamentally about relationships, and are shaped by the environment. Given this, we believe programs that support pregnant people and parents are most effective when design and delivery are informed by members of the community; acknowledging historical trauma and the importance of culture.