FEA Family Survey

We are currently working with Scholastic to improve our family engagement practices. Because parents are such an important part of helping students learn, we would like to know how welcome you feel in our building and how well we include you in your student's learning. Take a few moments to complete this short survey. Your information will be confidential and we won't share your individual responses. Thanks!

* What grade is your child in? (Check all that apply if you have more than one child at our school.)

* What ethnicity do you identify as?

* What race do you identify as? (Check all that apply)

* Select the best answer for each of the following questions.

  Never Sometimes Always
Are school personnel friendly to you when you visit?
Do you feel comfortable communicating with your child’s teacher about your child's learning?
Is there a front office person fluent in your preferred language?
Do you feel good about your child’s school?
If there is a question or concern at school, do you know the right person to contact?
Do school personnel respond to your concerns in a timely manner?
Do you understand the information the school provides about your child’s learning?
Do you feel the school is open to your suggestions?
Is there a place (in school or online) where you can get helpful information, materials, or other resources to help your child learn?
Do you feel well informed about school policies & procedures?
Do you receive positive comments about your child from your child’s teacher?
Do you feel informed about your child’s performance in school (grades, behavior)?
Does your school offer information or training on how to help your child learn?
Are you encouraged to join a school committee & participate in school decisions that affect your child?
Do you attend school events (conferences, curriculum night, band/choral performances, etc.)?
Do you feel the school includes you in your child’s learning?
Have you attended workshops, received services or materials from school staff on how to help your child learn?
Does the school offer translators, transportation, & other accommodations to encourage engagement?
Does the school help help you connect with other families?
Does the school provide opportunities for you to observe learning activities in the classroom?
Does the school show you how to engage in learning activities with your child at home?
Does the school provide opportunities for you to practice these learning activities?
Does the school offer learning opportunities at times convenient for your family?
Does the school help you understand and know how to use data about your student's progress?
Does the school help you understand and know how to use the data in the online grading system?

* Does your school have a Family Resource Coordinator or Parent Liaison?