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This survey is being facilitated through the Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network (EPION). EPION is a network of people who work in Early Psychosis Intervention services (EPI) in Ontario, individuals who have experienced EPI services, and family members. The goal of the network is to support the development and implementation of effective treatment and support systems for the early stages of psychosis. Our focus is to bring the benefits of early treatment to all who reside in Ontario, 14-35 years of age living with psychosis and, to bring support to their families.

EPI programs strive to keep regular communication with primary care providers throughout care. Most EPI programs work with clients for 2-3 years and can transfer care back to primary care following EPI service. As a primary care stakeholder, we are seeking your feedback. This survey is aiming to see how to make communication and resources as helpful as possible for you in supporting effective transitions of care.

This survey is voluntary. Results will be viewed only by the EPION Community of Interest (CoI) members. For more information or questions, please contact