Are you affected by engine braking noise in Pukerua Bay?

The Pukerua Bay Residents Association wants to know how many people who live here are affected by the noise of trucks using their engine brakes in Pukerua Bay. We are currently discussing the issue with Porirua City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency to find ways to reduce it. It is important that we know how many people in Pukerua Bay are affected by it and how badly.

Please fill in this survey and help us gather the evidence we need in our discussions with the authorities.

* 1. Can you hear trucks using engine brakes when they are driving through Pukerua Bay?

* 2. Are you or any members of your household irritated, concerned and/or annoyed with engine brake noise in Pukerua Bay?

* 3. Please select all times of the day that you are aware of engine brake noise in Pukerua Bay.

* 4. Which area of Pukerua Bay do you live in?

* 5. Would you support Porirua City Council introducing a Bylaw that would allow them to prosecute or fine truck drivers who repeatedly use engine brakes in Pukerua Bay (and all Porirua City Council residential areas)?

* 6. Please add any comments or further information on engine braking in Pukerua Bay.