Welcome and thank you for agreeing to take part in this important survey measuring the EU citizens’ awareness level in regards to Energy Poverty. Through this survey, we will be gaining your thoughts and opinions with the main aim to figure out what are the challenges to be addressed as well as what are the households’ needs so to tackle Energy Poverty in EU.

Please note that you will not be asked for personal information.
The survey is an initiative of the National Technical University of Athens – School of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Decision Support System LaboratoryINZEB – Institute of Zero Energy Buildings,  Housing Europe, Metropolitan Research Institute – MRI, Estonian Union Of Co-Operative Housing Associations (EKYL) and Energiaklub. 

Questions with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. You will need approximately 10 minutes to complete it.
The survey will be open until Monday, April 30th, 2018.

For further information or any clarification you might need, you may contact us at hello@inzeb.org 


* 1. What is the main source of energy you use, to keep your house warm during the winter period?

* 2. Do you feel uncomfortably cold/hot in your home during the winter/summer period?

* 3. If the answer to the above question was other than ‘not at all’, have you identified the reasons for feeling uncomfortable? Please name a couple of reasons in the below text box.

* 4. How familiar are you with the term ‘Energy Poverty’?

* 5. Based on the answer you provided above, what’s the main source of your information?

* 6. To which extent do you think that Energy Poverty is or will be a problem of our time.

* 7. During the past 24 months, have you faced difficulties in paying the bills related to energy services?

* 8. How would you describe the cost of energy in your country in relation to your annual/monthly income?

* 9.  If possible, indicate the percentage of your income that you spend to cover your house’s energy needs per month (e.g.  operation of appliances/devices, heating/cooling systems, etc.).

* 10. Which of the following do you consider as the most effective measures to tackle Energy Poverty?

* 11. Does your country have any financial programmes to tackle Energy Poverty?

* 12. If the answer above is "Yes", please indicate them in the below text box

* 13. How would you react if your city/region asked you to attend an Energy Poverty Information Day?

* 14. How positive are you in receiving advice and information on energy consumption issues, if they are provided to you free of change?

* 15. How willing are you to contribute to the discussions and participate in collective actions for energy poverty mitigation (neighborhood or city level)?

* 16. Who would you trust more to provide you with information and services that could lead to the reduction of the energy poverty status?

* 17. Demographic information

* 18. Family status

* 19. Number of household members

* 20. Age

* 21. Employment Status

* 22. Education status