Emerging Issues: Introduction

Positive Life is checking in with the NSW Body Positive, all people living with HIV in NSW including people affected by HIV (such as friends, partners and family members) about your concerns, issues or challenges that are central to your lives at this time and going forward.

This survey is part of a seven week consultation process of online and Talkabout readership surveys, and a forum (pending COVID restrictions). The survey will inform the Positive Life Board from a governance perspective, guide staff who engage on a daily basis with community members as well as offer insights into the lived experience of HIV in a time of pandemic through a Community Consultation Forum and Community Report published and shared with community.

The survey contains four questions, followed by seven very basic demographic ‘About You’ questions, and should only take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  All your answers are anonymous and confidential.

For any further questions or concerns regarding this questionnaire please email contact@positivelife.org.au or contact Andrew Heslop or Craig Andrews on (02) 9206 2177 or Freecall 1800 245 677.

This survey will be open until Friday 4 March 2022