The EIPM Observatory Survey - Second Edition

In 2013 we conducted a survey to understand and monitor the means through which purchasing functions create and capture value for their corporations. This has provided a wealth of insights; it has helped EIPM build new tools and promote the role of Purchasing in Innovation.

These have been shared back with the community through our website

We have decided to renew this survey so we can measure progress over time and take our research further.

As a backbone to our research activity we really appreciate if you could answer and share this survey.
We will share the findings with you in the coming months.

The survey is divided into three sections:

SECTION A   -   Current practices and action programs
SECTION B   -   Description of the company
SECTION C   -   Performance of the company

If you experience any troubles with the survey, please contact Dr Hervé Legenvre at

All responses will be treated with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY.

Names of companies and individuals will not be released!


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