Thanks for your interest in the Eglinton East Priority Bus Lane Survey, part of the RapidTO program.
Toronto City Council unanimously approved priority bus lanes on Eglinton Avenue East, Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue to launch in Fall 2020. Previous public input during TTC’s 5-Year Service Plan consultation has informed the stop locations. Input received in this survey will help inform future refinements to service on the priority bus lanes in 2021 as part of the 2021 Annual Service Plan.
The Eglinton East Priority Bus Lanes will span from Brimley Road to Ellesmere Road, via Eglinton Avenue East, Kingston Road, and Morningside Avenue with 20 stop locations in each direction. TTC stops have been consolidated based on the following criteria:
  • Planned stops for the future Eglinton East LRT
  • Ridership at each stop
  • Signalized crosswalks or intersections
  • Connectivity to other transit agencies
  • Stop spacing
Fewer stops means faster and more reliable service. See image below.

Eglinton East corridor all routes stops

Four major bus routes will use the priority bus lanes
: 86 Scarborough, 116 Morningside, 905 Eglinton East Express, and 986 Scarborough Express. Other bus routes will operate on the priority bus lanes, but only on a short portion, mainly to travel from a north-south corridor.

We have developed four options for operating these bus routes on the Eglinton East Priority Bus Lanes:
Option 1 - Maintain Existing Express Stops
Option 2 - All Stops Served by All Major Bus Routes
Option 3 - Reduced Stops on 905 Eglinton East Express
Option 4 - 986 Scarborough Express Diverted to Lawrence Avenue

The key differences between these options are:
  • Amount of service each stop receives / bus stop patterns
  • Availability of express service
  • Local stop wait times
  • Number of stops served
We want your feedback on these potential service concepts. Click next to review the options and share your feedback.
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