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We, the undersigned, congratulate the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) on the results of 4 years of focused work helping to identify and resolve the barriers to energy efficiency investments in Europe. 

We recognise EEFIG's substantial progress in offering a pan-European database of over 10,000 energy efficiency investment projects and a peer-reviewed underwriting toolkit to support the improved appraisal of both values and risks associated with these investments.

We also look forward to the ambitious development and implementation of the EU's energy and climate change targets and policy framework and welcome EEFIG inspired progress on removing accounting barriers for energy performance contracts for local authorities.

EEFIG's resolute focus and progress in advancing common frameworks and policy and markets-led solutions to up-scaling energy efficiency investments have proven effective and efficient, thus providing added-value to European financial institutions, the private sector as well as policy makers.

We, therefore, wish to support EEFIG and its work going forwards into its next phase.

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