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The survey should not take you more than 2-3 minutes but it will help us understand your business needs better and help us make EBN customized to you.

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* 1. What is your role in the company?

* 2. How versed are you with managing sites, blogs etc.?

* 3. Where does your company’s revenue primarily come from?

* 4. Is there a specific industry you focus on and you are willing to share?

* 5. What is the yearly revenue of your company?

* 6. What is the size of your company?

* 7. How many people access your Easy Blog Networks account?

* 8. What is the total number of blogs in your Private Blog Network (PBN)?

* 9. How many of your Private Blog Network blogs are on Easy Blog Networks?

* 10. If not all, what would make you move all your blogs to Easy Blog Networks?

* 11. If not all, what are the other PBN hosts you use?

* 12. What is the one thing that you like most with EBN?

* 13. What is the one thing that you’re missing in EBN?

* 14. What other SEO products do you use?

* 15. What other online marketing products do you use?

* 16. Do you plan on focusing/continuing to focus on SEO in the coming 2-5 years?

* 17. How do you find new online tools to use for your business?

* 18. Which business blogs do you read (can be SEO or your industry-specific)?

* 19. Enter your email if you'd like to enter the draw for the 3x$300 credits to your EBN subscription.