* 1. a) Name of Organization
b) Type of Organization (ex: Food/Health, Green Energy, Environmental, UConn Organization, etc.)*

* 2. Please provide a brief description of what your organization's environmental/sustainability contributions will be at UConn's EDSF.

* 3. a) Name of Contact Person*
b) Email Address*
c) Phone Number*
d) Organization Website*

* 4. Would you like this information to be included in the public directory?

(See question 1-3).

* 5. Will you be giving any food samples or selling any food items?

NOTE: If you are offering food samples or selling food items you must apply for a temporary food service permit from the UConn Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Forms are available at the following website: http://www.ehs.uconn.edu/food/request.php. In the “Remarks” section, please state that you are participating in Earth Day Spring Fling in order to waive the associated fee. Additionally, only packaged food may be sold. Please submit form by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29th.

* 6. What dates are you able to attend?

* 7. Will you be promoting, distributing, or selling any items or samples (other than food)?

* 8. Each vendor will be provided one 6-foot buffet style table. You are responsible for providing your own tents, weights, coverings, chairs, etc. Will your display require any additional space requirements?

* 9. Electricity is available for the event, but you will need to provide your own extension cords. Will your display require electricity?

* 10. Have you attended Earth Day Spring Fling in the past?