1. Introduction | Background

While the decade of 2010s stressed the importance of urban areas to achieve global and regional goals, it is the here and now to build upon the ambitions, create a critical mass and to strengthen capacities in all stakeholder groups to act. UNs' Agenda 2030 and its SDGs, UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, the Urban Agenda for the EU, just to name a few high level strategies, underline the connections between sustainable development at large and local action. Now, in the 2020ies we need to step up the game to make these transformations a reality and achieve Europe’s ambition to become the first climate neutral continent laid out in the Green New Deal.

For that reason, JPI Urban Europe is reinforcing its ambition to drive urban transitions, and is currently preparing, together with the European Commission, a longer-term partnership to support transitions towards a sustainable and liveable urban future by joint research, innovation and actions.

For this aim, we would like to team up with you and build upon your views and expertise…

…in the development of the programme on urban transitions for the new decade. This programme aims to build capacities to (continue to) transform our urban areas into places of sustainability and livability. The concept we are aiming for should be very ambitious, yet realistic, should allow for co-creation of knowledge and its implementation in urban areas and should strongly support science-policy-society cooperation. Experimenting and testing new ideas and co-created knowledge in neighbourhoods should be a prerequisite. By doing so, we believe that the programme can support urban actors and change makers on all ends in their efforts to transform our cities to sustainable and liveable places.

We want you to have your say in the development of this programme and to become part of our community
Join us in this strategic process and have the opportunity to shape the urban research, innovation and action agenda for the next decade. Highlight your perspective and bring in your experiences on the proposed themes and joint activities.

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