For individual participant applications made by Award Units or Open Award Centres.

Welcome the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Financial Assistance Funding Application Form for individuals.
This form is to be used by Award Units and Open Award Center's (OAC's) for individual applications only and is primarily to assist with Participant registration fees and Award Activity & Adventurous Journey expenses. 
One form per applicant/participant must be completed. For group applications please refer to the funding guidelines and use Form 1.

For individuals without an Award Unit or Award Leader please email or phone 02 8241 1500 to discuss your application before completing this form.

This form cannot be saved once submitted. To save a copy to your computer before submitting, complete the entire form and before hitting the DONE/ SUBMIT button save as a PDF - this can by done by either right clicking, Print - save as PDF OR Ctrl P save as PDF.