Council is deliberating the draft 2020 Financial Plan (City Budget) and is looking for input from the public before finalizing the budget in December.

Thank you for taking the time to help Council make difficult budgetary decisions. Your input is valuable! We expect this survey to take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete in its entirety, and 5-10 minutes if you choose to only complete certain sections.

As presented in the draft Financial Plan, the 2020 operating budget totals $258.7 million and the capital budget totals $42.1 million.

Why should the City’s budget matter to you?
How a city provides services for its citizens, spends money and sets priorities has a big impact on everyday life. For example, the amount spent on emergency services can determine the time it takes a fire truck to get to your home. And what your city spends on transportation determines how you get to work in the morning, or the way you get your kids to school. How the city invests your tax dollars is one of the most important decisions in your community each year.

Before you get started you may find it helpful to have some resources handy:
Interested in diving in more deeply and learning more? Join us in person or online on November 21, 2019 for a Town Hall on the budget. Your input on the City's budget is important, so please plan to participate. Learn more about the Budget Town Hall.

Privacy statement
Thank you for taking the time to complete this voluntary survey. Please do not provide your name, address or any other personal information that identifies yourself or other individuals. Personal information that is submitted will be treated as though the City has received your consent to disclose it to the Mayor and Council, appropriate staff and the public. If you require further information about this survey, please contact engage@victoria.ca. All survey responses will become part of a public package presented at an upcoming Council meeting, part of the public record, and searchable online.

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