The Government considers that the law on dangerous dogs needs changing to promote more responsible ownership of dogs and to reduce the number of dog attacks.

This consultation is seeking views on the Government’s four specific proposals for change to more adequately protect the public from dangerous dogs and to encourage more responsible dog ownership. In particular, we would be grateful to receive your views on the following proposals:

• Extending the criminal offence of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control to private property (where the dog has a right to be);
• Removing the need for the police to seize and kennel all suspected prohibited type dogs where court proceeding are pending;
• Compulsory microchipping of dogs; and
• Increasing the fee for placing a prohibited type dog on the Index of Exempted Dogs.

This consultation applies to England only. Legislation on the first three proposals relate to devolved matters and the Parliament in Scotland and Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland have powers to make legislation in relation to dangerous dogs. However the Ministerial function relating to the final proposal (on increasing the registration fee for the Great Britain-wide Index of Exempted Prohibited Dogs) is not devolved to Wales and Defra will discuss with the Scottish and Welsh Governments how best to implement this proposal in its application to Great Britain.

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