The Committee for Employment and Social Security ('the Committee') has published draft proposals for new multi-ground discrimination legislation in Guernsey.

You can read a summary of the draft proposals, or the full technical draft proposals at

The Committee has selected some key points to include in this questionnaire. This questionnaire has three parts:
  • Part A – who is protected from discrimination and when
  • Part B – the complaints process and implementation
  • Part C – the exceptions
This is Part C. It will take about half an hour to complete.

We recommend that you read the exceptions list available at: before you complete this Part. The exceptions list is organised by where the exceptions apply and who they apply to. If you have limited time, the Committee suggest you focus on the exceptions which are most relevant to you.

It includes the following sections:
  • Section 8: When should it be ok to treat people differently? Do we have the right exceptions to the rule of non-discrimination?
  • Part C – also invites comments on any other part of the proposals.
The Committee will be reviewing all the responses carefully to understand the reasoning behind your answers. This consultation will help the Committee to understand a full range of views and consider points which may not have been considered yet – it is about what people think, and why. It is not intended to be a representative survey, or opinion poll.

Data protection – fair processing notice

This is an anonymous questionnaire. Respondents are not required to provide any personal data to participate in this consultation. However, if a respondent voluntarily provides any personal data in response to any of the survey questions, this will be treated as the respondent having provided consent to the processing of this data by the data controller. The Committee for Employment & Social Security will process any personal data which you provide, through this consultation, in accordance with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017. Further information about how your personal data is processed by the Committee for Employment & Social Security can be found via or by calling 01481 732546.
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