Welcome to the New Zealand Digital Skills Demand Survey

What skills will industry need tomorrow that it doesn’t have today?

The purpose of this survey is to create an evidence-based picture of digital skills needed by organisations in New Zealand that employ digital technology workers. It will also seek to forecast the skills in demand in the short/medium term in order to inform the Digital Tech Sector Industry Transformation Plan, as well as education and immigration policy.

In 2017, NZTech in collaboration with NZRise, IT Professionals and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment undertook a survey of digital skills as part of the work of the Digital Skills Forum.  The resulting report, Digital Skills for a Digital Nation, has provided useful data to help policy makers, education providers and businesses to support the continually growing demand for digital skills. NZTech is undertaking the survey in 2020 on behalf of the Digital Skills Forum.

NZTech will donate $10 to the Hi-Tech Foundation for each completed survey response.

The Hi-Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit charity building an endowment fund to provide scholarships to assist Māori and Pasifika through digital training and into digital roles.
Definitions and focus

Digital Skills 

For the purposes of this survey, information, technology and digital are used interchangeably to describe the advanced application of computing and related technologies to capture, organise and share information electronically. 

‘Digital skills’ in this context does not include the basic digital skills required to operate in many roles such as online collaboration tools (Google Suite, Microsoft Teams) or platforms (eg Zoom).

Multi-national organisations

The focus of this survey is on digital skills needed by organisations in New Zealand that employ digital technology workers. 

If your organisation is a multi-national, only provide information about the New Zealand operations and employees.  

Taking the Survey

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be conducted in complete confidence i.e. your answers will be combined with others for analysis, so your individual responses will not be publicly identifiable. If required we may contact you for further details.

What you will need to prepare:

The type of data that will be collected are:
  • the numbers of people you have employed in different digital technology roles.
  • estimates of the numbers of people you expect to employ in your organisation over the next two years in digital technology roles.
  • information about the types of skills your organisation will need in the next two years.
  • information on some aspects of diversity.

We would like the most senior person in your organisation to complete the survey, getting help as needed. If you would like to explain your responses in more detail, please use the ‘other’ spaces throughout the survey and/or the final question. If you need to verify answers with others internally, you can exit the survey and restart anytime and your responses will be saved (you must hit the 'next' button in order to save the page you are working on).

Please contact Jane Wrigglesworth if you have any questions.
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