Welcome to the DAA Digital Capability Assessment

Dear Survey Participant,

Thank you for taking part in the DAA Digital Capability Assessment, the results of which will be presented at the Digital Literacy and e-Inclusion workshop of the Digital Agenda Assembly. This assessment is derived from the European Digital Capability Framework which helps organisations to measure and improve their digital capability. This informs them about what steps to take and what investments to make in order to maximise the value of digital in their business.

The DAA event will take place in Brussels on 16-17 June organised by the Digital Agenda for Europe, the European Union's road map for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe's citizens. Participating in the survey is free and while it is primarily intended for DAA attendees, anybody interested in receiving a Digital Capability assessment is welcome to participate!

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) has prepared this assessment to inform its work on the Digital Capability Framework (DCF) and other frameworks it has developed including the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). All information gathered will be held in confidence and access to original data is only available to the researchers directly involved in this project. Summary data and findings based on the analysis of the survey replies will be presented at the Digital Agenda Assembly and may be published online. Personal data will not be used outside this project and will not be communicated or made accessible to any third party.

I would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to what we hope will be an insightful and valuable exercise, and look forward to presenting the results in Brussels. Finally I would like to apologise for the fact that the survey only exists in English at the moment but other languages may become available if this initial version gets a good response!

Kieran O'Hea,
Senior IVI Advisor, Digital Capability
Innovation Value Institute,
Maynooth, Ireland, May 2011

About the Innovation Value Institute: The Innovation Value Institute researches and develops unifying frameworks and road-maps for IT and Business executives to create more value from IT and better deliver IT enabled innovation whilst validating that these frameworks/tools have a broad applicability across differing industries and contexts. For further information see http://ivi.nuim.ie/

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