This questionnaire is for owners of diabetic pets receiving insulin injections

Why should YOU take the time to fill in this questionnaire?

When new treatments for diabetes are developed, the focus often lies on how good the treatment is in dealing with the disease. This response is often measured using blood test result and parameters such as reduced clinical sign (e.g. whether your pet has gained weight).

However, an important part of treatment success is often overlooked. This is the impact the disease and its treatment have made on your pet and your life and how much the new treatment can normalise this impact. This questionnaire tries to document this information and helps us in designing new and better diabetic treatment.

You may have been asked to fill in this questionnaire because your pet is undergoing treatment with the Diabetic Remission Clinic or Acromeglic Cat Clinic at the RVC. In this case, you may well be asked to complete the survey again in the future.

When answering this survey it is very important that you only give answers about your pet's diabetes AS IT IS NOW, AT THE CURRENT TIME. This will allow us to assess how your pet's condition has changed when you are asked to fill in the survey again, in the future.

Filling in this questionnaire should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes. Please be as honest as possible in your answers.

Together we can improve the quality of life of diabetic pets and their loved ones!