About this expert survey

The goal of this expert survey is to select a strategic minimum set of passport descriptors for the exchange of information on CWR conserved in situ. It built upon the Core Descriptors for in situ conservation of CWR v.1, other sources of information, and subsequent comments from selected experts. On-farm management is not addressed in this exercise.

The resulting descriptors will allow better comparability between institutions, which should facilitate the identification of interesting material, and an increased use of Crop Wild Relatives (CWRs).

The deadline for this survey is 16 March 2020

This survey consists of three parts:
  • PART I: Mandatory descriptors
  • PART II: Highly recommended descriptors
  • PART III: Additional descriptors

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have any questions or would like further information about this survey, please contact Ms Adriana Alercia, FAO – PGRFA documentation specialist; Tel: 0039 06 57056628; Email: adriana.alercia@fao.org
17% of survey complete.