About the Dog Park Master Plan Technical Update: 
It's estimated that more than 150,000 dogs live in the City and County of Denver, with 12 designated off-leash dog parks. Much like Denver’s human population growth, it’s expected that the number of dogs will continue to increase. To help alleviate the various issues that arise from an increasing dog population in a growing city, many municipalities are looking towards dog parks. 

The term “technical update” is used to describe the re-examination of an existing plan. After almost 10 years of use and changing city demographics, Denver’s 2010 Dog Park Master Plan is now outdated.
About the Survey:
This survey is intended to identify the public's needs and priorities for current and future dog parks in Denver. The input gathered will inform details of the technical update.
This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, but you'll have the option to leave contact information if you'd like to stay updated on the plan. 
Whether you're a dog owner or not, we need your input-- Thank you for your time and feedback!
Learn more about this project, current leash laws and more. 

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