Advancing student achievement with fewer (and fewer) resources pushes us to become more (and more) efficient at identifying needs. Education data systems are essential to this work.

Managing data and information manually often leads to mistakes.  And because it limits visibility into the source of the information itself, fixing problems can become impossible. Adopting systems and processes for data management across an organization goes a long way to solve this problem. They provide consistency and alignment between and among working groups and compliance to ever-increasing policy requirements.
This makes sense for any organization, particularly in education. And while there's no shortage of data in education, making education data actionable requires effective data management. And it all starts with data governance.

Please help us with this five minute survey as we look to understand the current role of data governance in our schools. This survey may also help you assess your organizational priorities around data governance. This is an anonymous survey.  We are asking for your role, state and agency type as a general finding for the final report.  

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Question Title

* Are we ready? How complete is our strategy for managing data and creating a culture of data-informed decision making?

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