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Location plan 位置圖

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Location plan 位置圖</span>
Cyberport expansion has been announced. What are your thoughts? Let us know.

The Financial Secretary has set aside HK$5.5billion in his 2019 Budget to expand Cyberport’s facilities: “Cyberport 5 .. will serve to attract more quality technology companies and start-ups to set up their offices in Cyberport and provide a pathway for young people to pursue a career in I&T.  The expansion project is expected to provide about 66 000 square metres of floor area, and include facilities such as offices, co-working space, conference venues and data service platforms.”

See our website for details: https://www.paulzimmerman.hk/planning/cyberport-expansion

In the meantime, let us know what you think.


詳情可瀏覽: https://www.paulzimmerman.hk/planning/cyberport-expansion


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* 1. Cyberport Expansion 擴建數碼港

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* 2. Other comments? 其他意見?

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* 3.

What should Cyberport include in their plans and budget? (tick the important ones)

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* 4. Where do you live in Pokfulam? 你住在薄扶林哪裡?

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