05-773A3: Computer Science Perspectives in HCI, (CS Mini), Spring, 2017, Mini 3.

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* 1. Please rate this course:

  7 - great! 6 5 4 3 2 1 - Awful 0 - no opinion or not applicable
The course overall:
Professor Myers's teaching:
The readings in general:
The requirement to comment on the readings in the on-line forum:
The way the course is graded (based on presentation grades and the literature review):
That you had to provide comments and grades for each student's presentations:

* 2. How many of the required articles did you read?

* 3. Was 3 articles per topic (per lecture) the right amount?

* 4. As a 6-unit mini, this class is supposed to take about 12 hours per week, including class time.

* 5. The requirement to comment in the on-line forum was aimed to encourage everyone to read the articles, and as a way to start the discussions. Do you think it succeeded at these goals? Did it help get you to read the articles? Did you like the discussions on-line?

* 6. I decided mostly not to add my comments on Piazza. Do you think the faculty in the future should add comments and corrections to the on-line forum?

* 7. Please comment on the evaluation using the GoogleDoc forms for commenting on other student's presentations. Did you like doing this? Did you like receiving comments on your presentation? Would it have been better if they were signed?

* 8. Please comment on the grading for the course. Would you like there to be some other kind of work that was graded? If so, what? Would you prefer that something we did was not part of the course or not graded?

* 9. Are there any topics we didn't cover that should be added next time the course is taught?

* 10. Are there any topics that we did cover that should beĀ eliminated next time?

* 11. Are there any articles that we covered that you particularly liked and/or should definitely be retained the next time this course is taught? Please list as many as you want.

* 12. Are there any articles we used that should be eliminated the next time the course is taught? Please list as many as you want.

* 13. Do you know of any other articles that should be added the next time the course is taught? Please give sufficient information so I can find them. Be sure to also include what topic they go with.

* 14. In general, was this course what you were expecting? If not, please explain.

* 15. What did you like best about the course?

* 16. What did you dislike the mostĀ about the course?

* 17. Any other suggestions or comments?