CSIP Survey 2023

Input survey for Comprehensive School Improvement Plan 2023.
The purpose of this survey is to understand our school's climate and culture to identify areas for continuous improvement. Your candid response to the survey items will help our school targeted interventions and support. We appreciate your participation. 

There are 63 items, and it is estimated to take about 20-25 minutes to complete this survey. 

Directions: Please respond to each statement in this survey. Indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by clicking the appropriate box. If you have no experience on which to base a response or the item does not apply to you, please select "Not Applicable". 

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* 1. Select the option that best reflects your primary role/assignment.

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The school's mission is clear.
My principal fosters a shared vision and a sense of community and cooperation at this school. 
There are open channels of communication among students, staff, and administrators. 
Staff help formulate schoolwide decisions and policies. 
Staff actively collaborate to improve student outcomes. 
School leadership addresses differences in achievement between student groups. 
This school prioritizes closing achievement gaps among students. 
Student's level of prior knowledge is assessed before initiating instruction. 
An assessment is used that provides timely feedback on specific knowledge and skills for individual students. 
Teachers use assessment data to evaluate and align curriculum. 
Teachers routinely adjust instructional strategies based on data. 
Educators work in collaborative teams to develop curriculum and/or design lessons. 
School administrators give useful feedback on instructional practices.
There is collaboration among staff in our school. 
This school provides teachers time and support for planning. 
Professional development activities focus on best practices to improve student achievement. 
This school encourages students to think critically. 
Student opinions are valued by teachers and administrators. 
This school recognizes and acknowledges student academic achievement. 
This school treats students fairly. 
This school teaches and reinforces student self-discipline and responsibility. 
Staff use effective practices to promote positive behavior. 
There are high expectations for student achievement at this school. 
All students receive high quality instruction. 
This school makes students feel they belong. 
There are effective supports in place to support students who are in jeopardy of academic failure. 
Relevant, high-quality career technical education and/or advanced professional studies are provided based upon Individual Career Academic Plans. 
Materials, resources, and professional development needed to work with special education students are provided. 
Effective resources and training are provided for teaching students across different languages and cultures. 
Instructional materials are up to date and in good condition. 
The school provides the technology (i.e. devices, connectivity, support) necessary to promote student learning. 
This school allocates resources to support student learning and engagement. 

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Learning supports and services in my school meet the needs of all students. 
This school building is well-maintained. 
This school allocates space in ways that maximize student learning.
Effective channels are in place for parents and community to communicate with the school.
Parents are viewed as partners in the educational process at this school. 
Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's educational needs with school staff. 
Staff are intentional in building and maintaining relationships with all students. 
This school places value on and respects differences among students and their families. 
There are schoolwide practices to foster self-care and wellbeing among staff.
There is a clear set of rules regarding student behavior at this school.
Staff in our school respond to inappropriate behaviors quickly and effectively.
Bullying via electronic means or devices is a problem at this school.
Bullying is a problem at this school.
Rules concerning student conduct are fair. 
This school's discipline is fairly applied. 
There are clear procedures for handling school emergencies.
There is a school plan to handle emergencies that addresses the mental health needs of students and staff in any crisis.
I usually look forward to each working day as an educator. 
I believe I can positively affect student performance. 
I have the skills necesary to meet the needs of all learners in my classroom. 
I feel supported by the people I work with. 
I feel like I belong at this school. 
I am treated with respect at this school. 
I know how to support my students who are experiencing trauma. 
I recognize that students in my school are in different educational levels. 
I emphasize the importance of effort with students. 
I feel safe at this school.
The school system assures student voices are heard and respected.
The school system provides school culture and climate data and reports periodically to all stakeholders. 
Educator teams address positive classroom learning environments. 

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* 4. Are there any topics that were not addressed in this survey? If so, please explain. 

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