CSIP Survey 2023

Input survey for Comprehensive School Improvement Plan 2023.
The purpose of this survey is to understand your child's school experience to identify areas for continuous improvement. Your candid responses to the survey items will help our school get better. We appreciate your participation. 

There are 30 questions and it is estimated to take about 10 minutes to complete this survey. 

Directions: Please fill out each section of the survey. Indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by clicking the appropriate box. If you have no experience on which to base a response or the item is not applicable to you, please leave it blank.

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* 1. Please select the option that best represents your response.

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My child receives the educational support they need. 
My child's opinions are valued by teachers. 
My child has been taught in school about respect for other cultures. 
My child likes attending this school.
My child is treated fairly at school.
My child feels physically safe while at school.
My child has been teased or bullied at school this year. 
My child's school building is in good condition. 
If my child has a problem, there is someone at school who can help. 
I receive communication about the school system's progress toward meeting its goals. 
I recieve information about the educational services available to my child at school.
I am asked for input about school decisions. 
I am comfortable talking to teachers at this school. 
I feel welcome at this school. 
I know who to contact or where to find contact information if I have questions or concerns about safety at my child's school. 
This school sets high expectations for all students. 
This school has programs for my child's talents, gifts, or special needs. 
This school has programs that develop my child's self control, responsibility, problem solving, and respect for others. 
There are programs available for the birth through pre-k population. 
This school provides the technology (devices, connectivity, support) necessary to promote student learning. 
This school recognizes the accomplishments of my child. 
This school has helped my child establish educational and career goals. 
This school prioritizes closing achievement gaps among students. 
This school values and respects differences among students and their families. 
This school treats all children the same regardless of their background. 
This school handles student discipline fairly. 
This school's environment promotes learning. 
My child's school promotes an environment of mutual respect among students. 
The school system assures student voices are heard and respected. 
The school system provides school culture and climate data and reports periodically to all stakeholders. 

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100% of survey complete.