Heroes inspire by going above and beyond what is expected of them to do the right thing. In the workplace, this often means taking extra steps to keep everyone safe. Is there someone at your district you feel is a Safety Hero? Use this form to nominate them.

Winners will be selected quarterly and will receive a prize, a certificate, and recognition in The Risk Management Review

For more information about this program including terms and guidelines, please visit our webpage.

* 1. Nominator's Information

* 2. Who is your Safety Hero?

* 3. Describe the specific contribution or activity of the nominee. How did they help contribute to a safer work culture?

* 4. How much time has the nominee devoted to this particular project or program?

* 5. Has the nominee participated in any additional community activities? If yes, list them.

* 6. Are there other contributions to the community, past awards, or anything else noteworthy about the nominee you would like to share?