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VRChat launched its Creator Economy in December 2023. It allows creators to set up a store and sell content inside VRChat.

We are expanding access to the Creator Economy to more creators. If you are interested in becoming a seller, please fill out this survey.

Please remember the following:
  • The Creator Economy is still under development.
  • Most applicants will not receive a response to their application.
  • Only a limited amount of sellers will be invited.
  • Additional sellers will be invited over time, slowly. We appreciate your patience.
What creators are we looking for?
  • Creators who are already familiar with monetizing VRChat content,
  • Creators who are interested in managing a VRChat Group,
  • Creators who are interested in adding Creator Economy features to your VRChat Group and/or World,
  • Creators who have access to PayPal.
The current features of the Creator Economy are most suitable for world creators. However, we accept applications from all types of creators, such as event hosts, avatar creators, streamers, or content creators.

Please apply if you are interested in participating in the Creator Economy. Even if the Creator Economy isn't currently suitable for your use case - that may change in the future, and we may reach out to you.
What features are currently available?

  • The Creator Economy allows creators to set up a store in their VRChat group.
  • Users can support creators by buying a subscription.
  • Users can receive group roles and special features in the creator's worlds.
  • Creators can also create exclusive instances and announcements for their supporters.
  • Creators can pay out their earnings for real money via PayPal.
Other features, such as the ability to sell avatars, are still under development.
What is a "seller?"

All VRChat users can buy VRChat credits and support creators. However, only sellers can set up a store and earn credits in VRChat.

The Creator Economy is still under development. Sellers are given an opportunity to try out the Creator Economy before it becomes more broadly available. We're seeking feedback, bug reports, questions, and ideas from talented creators.

By filling out this form, you'll help us understand what kind of creator you are. If we are interested in inviting you to the beta, you may receive an invite from us.
What's the purpose of this survey?

This survey is designed to identify creators who meet our criteria for participation in the Creator Economy. Your responses will be confidential, and we will not share personally identifiable information with third parties.

Your responses will also be used to gauge your interest in features we are developing. Your responses will help us prioritize and guide the future development of the Creator Economy. We may analyze and share aggregated, anonymized data with third parties. Individual responses will not be disclosed.

You may edit or delete your responses if you decide to withdraw after completing the survey. If you need help, please get in touch with us at, and we will make reasonable efforts to remove your data from our analysis.

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