The Cecil County Community Services Foundation (the non-profit arm of the Cecil County Dept. of Community Services) has partnered with Shattuck and Associates, a research and evaluation firm located in Mt. Airy, Maryland, to perform a demographic and feasibility study to determine the need for a multi-use community center in Cecil County. The center would strive to serve a variety of populations with an emphasis on children, seniors, and low- to moderate-income individuals.

This endeavor would foster strong collaborations and partnerships between government, private, and nonprofit entities in order to serve the greatest number of people and leverage the maximum amount of resources. It is believed the Center would offer a full range of fitness, nutritional, preventative health, cultural, educational, workforce development and recreational services.

Part of the purpose of this study is to determine whether there is, indeed, justification for a community center, where such a place (or places) should be located, and what services are most needed based on current barriers and opportunities in Cecil County.  "Throughout the course of this study, we have advocated for the process to be as organic as possible and representative of the entire community. We are very excited and appreciative regarding the level of community participation and support and look forward to evaluating the results of the survey," said Director David Trolio, Cecil County Department of Community Services.

Community members 10 years of age and older are invited and encouraged to participate.  

Hard copies are available at all Cecil County Public Library branch locations, as well as in the lobby of the Cecil County Administration Building, 200 Chesapeake Blvd., Elkton, MD. Surveys, both digital and hard copies, will be accepted through May 31, 2018.

We value your feedback so please read each question carefully and let us know what you think! Please know that your participation in this survey is voluntary and any information that you provide is confidential. We do not ask for your name or collect any personal information. 

For more information, contact Cecil County Department of Community Services, Community Wellness Chief, Sheila Murphy via email at or 410-996-8437.

7% of survey complete.