Thank you for interest in Technology for HOME. Working with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, LiveLife Therapy Solutions, Inc, (LiveLife) created the program to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities through in-person assistive technology (AT) consultation and technical assistance. The purpose of this survey is to gather basic information about your work experience so that we may better meet your needs and evaluate the performance of the grant. While LiveLife will analyze and tabulate responses for reporting purposes, individuals’ responses will remain confidential. Only LiveLife and those authorized by LiveLife will have access to the data. Click on the Next button to begin taking the survey. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen will indicate how much of the survey you have completed.

Before completing this survey, please be sure to speak with Jamie Henriksen to obtain an ID number. If you have any other questions about this survey, please contact Jamie at 952-921-8334 or jamie@livelifetherapysoltions.com.

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