Section I: Overall Program Evaluation

NOTE: Survey open date: August 4, 2017

Physicians, in order to receive Category 1 credit, please complete this evaluation survey and electronically sign the CME Claim Form at the end of the survey. Information obtained from you regarding the impact of the sessions in meeting your learning needs or practice gaps is critical to the development of future educational programs. Please take the time to complete this evaluation form as completely as possible. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

* 1. Please enter your name in the box below.

* 2. Regarding overall program effectiveness, please rate the following statements.

   Strongly Agree  Agree Neutral  Disagree Strongly Disagree
The program met my expectations.
The program format was effective.
The program met my educational needs.
I learned skills and concepts that will help me be more effective and strategic in my work.
The program provided me with new ideas, information and/or resources.

* 3. Regarding the overall program learning objectives, please rate the following.
My participation in this training helped me to:

   Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Strongly Disagree
Increase knowledge of recent medical advances in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases of the eye.
Review, interpret, and summarize new clinical, scientific, and research information in the study of ophthalmology.
Learn and improve techniques that will allow me to offer the best treatment options and care to patients
Expand my expertise in select practical aspects of ocular surgery.
Compare and contrast methods in order to fully assess patient's needs and treatment options.
Improve standards of practice

* 4. Please share any additional comments regarding the overall program.