It’s time to update the City’s Town Plan and we need your input! This is the second survey of six town plan focus areas. To ensure we reach the widest cross-section of citizens, the City will use a range of tools and approaches to encourage participation from a place and at a time convenient to you.  The second focus area is COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT
Complete the survey below regarding the Town Plan focus area of Community Engagement.  Alternatively, you may provide feedback by texting “Town Plan” to 210.853.2003 or emailing to
Attend the public hearing regarding the Town Plan focus area of Community Engagement during the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 900 Saddletree Court.
Participate in the public hearing remotely.  Dial in on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 6:30pm. Zoom phone is 833-548-0282 and use meeting ID: 850-3804-5439. 
Visit for historical information, updates and more.

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* 1. First and Last Name

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* 2. Street Address

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* 3. City Communications

Communicating timely, accurate and relevant information to residents is both an important duty of City staff and a major part of building a sense of community. To accomplish this, the City utilizes a number of communication tools. The primary City communication tools as of this writing include: community newsletter "The Roadrunner", City website (, City social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor, TextMyGov texting service and I-INFO email service.

How do you currently receive City information? Select all that apply.

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* 4. Volunteer Service on City Boards and Commissions

Shavano Park is blessed to have a large number of talented residents with considerable professional experience that can assist the City. The City Council maintains a multitude of formal standing committees and informal project-specific working groups composed of resident volunteers.

What would motivate you to volunteer to serve on a City board or commission?

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* 5. Neighborhood Watch

The Shavano Park Neighborhood Watch is a city sponsored and police managed program established by City Council in 2020. The program currently exists mostly as an email and text messaging service to about 200 residents. This program has immense potential to grow over time and become a key community engagement effort for the Police Department.

Would you be interested in a Neighborhood Watch that had more in-person engagement; including local block captains and Neighborhood Watch specific events?

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* 6. Community Policing

The Shavano Park Police Department recognizes the importance of the community working with police and maintains a number of community policing efforts. The Police Department focuses on neighborhood patrols so that officers are frequently visible in residential neighborhoods. The department, in addition, offers patrol-by and out-of-town home security check services for residents. Police are also active in hosting numerous free community training and information events such as C.R.A.S.E. (Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events) / Stop the Bleed response training and female self-defense courses.

Would you like a new Police service or community engagement effort? Is there another Police service important to you? Tell us in the comment box:

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* 7. City-sponsored Events

Shavano Park hosts City-sponsored events. These events are family-fun activities that encourage residents to gather on the Municipal Tract for seasonal festivities. City-sponsored events have traditionally been the following: City-wide Garage Sale, Arbor / Earth Day in mid-April, Independence Day Celebration around Fourth of July, National Night Out on the first Tuesday of October, Trunk or Treat near Halloween and the Holiday Festival in early December. 

Would you like to see the City continue to support City events as currently scoped?

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* 8. Attending City Events

Which City events have you attended? Select all that apply.

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* 9. Ideas for City Events

What new activities at City events or entirely new City events would you like the City to consider?

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* 10. Municipal Tract 

The Municipal Tract is the center of Shavano Park and home to City Hall and police station, pavilion, playgrounds, walking trails and other amenities. The pavilion is used for all city-sponsored events, is open to the public and takes reservations for private events. Families gather daily to play on the playgrounds and enjoy the pavilion and walking trails. In 2022, the Municipal Tract began hosting a Farmer’s Market with 20-30 venders participating every Sunday. In 2023 the City is planning to add playground shade covers.

What improvements would you like to see to the Municipal Tract? Select any or none of the options below and then add your own thoughts in suggestion box.

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* 11. Tell us any ideas you have on how to improve community engagement and community policing

Tell us any ideas or comments on community engagement and community policing you have in the comment box below.