Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council has engaged WMAwater to undertake a detailed Flood Study for Cootamundra. The town is subject to flood risk from a range of sources - including mainstream flooding from Muttama, Jindalee and Cootamundry Creeks, and overland flow caused by stormwater runoff travelling towards these creeks. As part of the study, WMAwater will develop models to simulate flood behaviour in Cootamundra for a range of different size flood events.

Once completed the Flood Study will give Council a better understanding of the current flood risk to the community and support many Council functions including development, planning, community education and mitigation works. The next stage of the project will use the models developed in the Flood Study to assess various flood risk mitigation options.

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To help ensure the flood models reproduce locally observed flood behaviour as closely as possible we need your input. We are specifically interested in collecting records of flooding such as photographs, flood marks or observations of flood behaviour you may have witnessed. We're interested in recent floods (e.g. January 2018, September 2016), as well as earlier floods (e.g. in the 70s, 80s and earlier).

The following survey is expected to take 15 minutes to complete. We thank you for your time and value your input.

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The 2016 flood forced the evacuation of some streets and homes at Cootamundra

<div style="text-align: justify;">The 2016 flood forced the evacuation of some streets and homes at Cootamundra</div>