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Connect Dallas is the City’s first-ever 5-Year strategic transportation vision. Through this planning process, City leadership, residents, and stakeholders are working together to envision a transportation system that supports the city’s housing, economic, equity, safety, and sustainability goals. Connect Dallas will consider all forms of transportation, including bicycling, walking, driving, transit, freight, and innovative mobility options.

We want to hear from you TODAY! Your responses will help us learn more about moving within and through Dallas. Over the next several months, the project team will create different options for the future of transportation in the City. These options will be presented to the public for your input. Thank you for taking the first step by completing this brief survey today. Stay tuned for more information!

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Connect Dallas is one of a series of City efforts to advance equity, sustainability, innovation, and economic development citywide through targeted policy, program and project investments. Connect Dallas will:
  • Establish concrete goals to guide future city transportation investments and policy decisions;
  • Recommend ways to modernize city policies to align with 21st Century mobility options;
  • Identify catalytic projects that provide the greatest opportunity for community benefit; and
  • Lay out a five-year road map to implement the selected strategy.
Connect Dallas is about more than transportation. Mobility lays the foundation for community health, wealth and vibrancy. Communities cannot prosper without convenient and affordable access to jobs, education, and healthcare. It is easier to make sustainable transportation choices when it is safe and convenient to walk and bike to daily destinations.

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