Welcome to the survey on the proposed rules for standards on condominium management.

This online survey asks for your feedback and suggestions. You may answer all or any part of the survey. You can also start the survey at one point and then open it again later to continue from where you left off (as long as you’re using the same computer).

This survey has two sections.
All respondents are encouraged to offer feedback on both sections. However, the Condominium Manager Implementation Advisory Committee would especially appreciate your feedback on Section 1.

Section 1 covers high-level overviews of the various proposed Standards of Practice (rules) for condominium managers. The focus of Section 1 is on the main components involved in the regulation of condominium managers. Your responses will provide the Condominium Manager Implementation Advisory Committee with valuable perspectives on elements that affect all condominium stakeholders.

Section 2 covers the detailed rules for the Standards of Practice for condominium managers. For those people interested in reviewing and offering feedback on the specific rules, please complete the second section. This will help the Committee determine if the rules are clearly written and if there are any issues not covered that should be.

Consultation Paper
Appendix A - Condominium Management Rules - Highlighted
Appendix B - Condominium Management Rules - Summary
Appendix C - Service Agreement Rules

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