We invite your feedback

The Central Otago District Council is seeking feedback on its draft Community Leasing and Licensing Policy. By introducing this policy, the Council is aiming to increase fairness and equity between community lease and licence holders by introducing a consistent framework for future lease and licence agreements. We understand the value that community groups provide to our district and want to understand whether this Policy will do right by our communities.
The Policy introduces a framework for processing applications for leases and licences as well as some standard terms to be used for future agreements. It continues the Council’s practice of offering land and buildings to community groups at less than market rent.

Key features include:
  • Eligibility criteria to determine if a group is able to access the terms described in the Policy
  • Assessment criteria to help in evaluating competing applications
  • A standard method of setting rent. It is proposed to set annual rentals at 2.5% of subscription income less affiliation fees.
  • A standard length of tenure of 15 years with a further 15 year right of renewal.
Submissions close at 5pm on Wednesday 30 September 2020.