The Community Guide is a tool for residents that includes important information about municipal services and programs, along with specific opportunities to participate arts, culture, recreation and sport across our community.
The Town is reviewing the publication and would like some general feedback from residents.

The current Community Guide can be viewed online here.

The survey closes on December 8, 2017

* 1. Please select the age category that you fall into:

* 2. Where do you live?

* 3. Did you know the Town of Lincoln publishes an annual Community Guide?

* 4. How do you currently receive the Community Guide?

* 5. On a scale from 0 to 5, how likely are you to recommend the Community Guide to a friend or colleague?

* 6. How would you rate the usefulness of the Community Guide?

* 7. Which 3 sections of the Guide are most valuable to you? 

* 8. Is there any information relating to Town of Lincoln programs and services that you feel is missing from the guide that would help you better understand services or help you access services?

* 9. How often do you feel the Guide should be published?

* 10. How should the Guide be made available to the community?

* 11. Besides the Community Guide, how do you prefer to get information about Town programs and services?