The Great Southern Development Commission is coordinating the development of a Regional Drought Resilience Plan (RDRP) for the Coastal Great Southern. The purpose of the plan is to identity ways to build drought resilience across the agricultural sector and supporting industries and communities. A list of projects will be developed that address the specific needs and priorities of the region and can be used to target public and private sector investment.

As someone who works within the Great Southern region in a target industry, we welcome your valuable input to help build resilience in the coastal Great Southern area. Questions relate to your experience of the impacts of drought, challenges in drought preparedness, and actions to assist in improving your ability to adapt to changing conditions.

This survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous unless otherwise indicated. Survey closes 31 July 2024.

The Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program in WA is funded by the Australian Government through the Future Drought Fund and by the State Government through Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.