We want to hear your feedback on the draft City Charters Regulation.

The Government of Alberta, in partnership with the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton, engaged the public and stakeholders in the fall of 2016, regarding a range of proposed policies intended to recognise the unique governance, funding, and growth challenges in Alberta's two largest cities. The feedback from Albertans and stakeholders informed development of a draft City Charters Regulation.  The draft City Charters Regulation proposes to give Calgary and Edmonton powers to assist them in addressing the needs of a large urban population.    

This survey seeks your feedback on the draft City Charters Regulation developed for Calgary and Edmonton. A City Charter gives the cities power to modify or replace laws in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) or any other provincial act or regulation, where the province has specifically granted them the power to do so. Unless explicitly outlined in the Charters, all other Provincial laws continue to apply to the two cities. The Cities of Calgary and Edmonton can choose if and when to use many of the additional powers granted through City Charters. Bylaws made using City Charters authorities must go through a public hearing to give residents a say.

We invite you to use this survey to provide insights on the draft City Charters Regulation. Your feedback will be used to inform potential changes to the draft City Charters Regulation before it is finalised in the fall of 2017.

A response to the question ‘which municipality are you from’ is required.  You may respond to some, all, or none of the other questions in this survey.

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