Thanks for attending the National Church IT 2016 National Event. Please take a moment to provide your input so that we can make future events better for everyone. Your responses are greatly appreciated. Please be honest!

* What best defines your role?

* How many National Roundtables events have you attended?

* Are you currently planning to attend the next National Conference in Dallas in 2017?

* Would you recommend future Church IT Network events to your peers at other churches?

* Rate your overall experience for the conference (10 being OMG and 5 being meh and 1 being sucky.)

1 Awesomeness
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* Should we continue doing ten talks?

* Should we continue doing spiritual focused breakouts?

* Should we continue doing workshops?

* Should we continue doing worship time?

* Should we continue doing keynote speakers?

* Should we continue doing evening events like Dave and Busters and the carnival?

* If you didn't attend one or both of the evening events, what was your reason for not attending?  (Wanted downtime, time with your team, etc?)

* What other thoughts would you like to share to help us improve future events (most valuable, format, etc)?